titans of dap//colossi of crunk//giants at 6'3"

  • Me: Ooh a giant book sale!
  • Jim: You in the market for some giant books?

Jim Shor on ghosts…”I’ve never seen a ghost but I’ve seen a lot of people be wrong. It’s a probability game.”

Last night we went to Revelry after work. It was an experience. I went expecting to see zero bartenders play the slide whistle, but I saw three!

—Jimshorr on his first time at Revelry (via lynylfysh)

feelings aren’t facts, Monday morning breakdown.

My next album is about to drop. It’s called Move Dude ft. the single Move The Fuck Over Why Are You Sitting Spread Eagle On The Train (Move)

—lil jess

Oooo they’re going to have pizza and a 3D printer at their next meeting. These are my kinda people

—jimshorr, excited about Rochester Makers